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  Candle Wax
   ¤  Golden Brand 464 Soy Wax
   ¤  Golden Brand 444 Soy Wax
     ¤  Golden Brand 494 Soy Wax
     ¤  IGI 4627 Comfort Blend Wax
     ¤  Pillar/Votive Paraffin Blend Wax
   ¤  Beeswax Pastilles


  Candle Fragrances
   ¤  Fragrances A-F
   ¤  Fragrances G-L
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   ¤  Fragrances S-Z
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¤   Candle Wicks
     ¤  Eco Wicks
   ¤  Floater Wicks
   ¤  Jar Wicks
   ¤  Tea Light Wicks
   ¤  Votive Wicks
   ¤  Flat Braided
   ¤  Square Braided
   ¤  Paper Core Wick
   ¤  Zinc Core Wick
   ¤  Wick Tabs
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¤   Candle Molds
  Seamless Aluminum
   ¤  Octagon Votive
   ¤  Round Molds
   ¤  Square Molds
   ¤  Square Votive
   ¤  Votive Molds
  Tin-Plate Metal
   ¤  Crescent Moons
   ¤  Floater Molds
   ¤  Fluted Molds
   ¤  Heart Molds
   ¤  Hexagon Molds
   ¤  Octagon Molds
   ¤  Oval Molds
   ¤  Pentagon Molds
     ¤  Pyramid Molds
   ¤  Rectangle Molds
   ¤  Round Molds
   ¤  Scallop Molds
   ¤  Square Molds
   ¤  Star Molds
   ¤  Taper Molds
   ¤  Tart Molds
   ¤  Triangle Molds
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Our Complete List Of Quality Candle Fragrances A-Z

These scents are professional quality, highly concentrated liquid candle scents.  They are a blend of essential oils, aromatic chemicals and special chemical stabilizers, which prevent the oil from precipitating out of the wax.  For a strongly scented candle use 1 oz. of scent per pound of wax.  Available in 1 oz, 4oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bottles.

Click Here To Order Fragrances "A"  through  "F"


     Fragrances G-L

     Fragrances M-R

     Fragrances S-Z

     African Violet      Blueberry Cheesecake      Clover
     Allspice      Blueberry Cobbler      Coca Cola Type
     Almond Cherry      Blueberry Muffin      Coco Mango
     Almond Coconut      Bourbon      Coconut
     Almond Cookie      Boysenberry      Coconut Banana
     Aloe Vera      Boysenberry & Moss      Coconut Creme Pie
     Amaretto      Brown Sugar      Coconut Lime Verbena
     Amaretto Chocolate      Brown Sugar & Fig      Coffee
     Amaretto Coffee      Brown Sugar & Spice      Coffee Cake
     Amaretto Spice      Bubble Gum      Coffee Mint
     Amaretto Vanilla      Buck Lure      Coffee Rum
     Amber Romance      Burgundy Wine      Cookies & Creme
     Angel Food Cake      Butt Naked      Cool Water Type
     Angel Wings      Butter Creme      Coriander
     Anise      Butter Mint      Cornflower
     Apple & Rose      Butter Pecan      Cotton Candy
     Apple Blossom      Buttered Popcorn      Country Berries
     Apple Cider      Butterfly Flower Type      Country Heather
     Apple Cinnamon      Butterscotch      Country Spice
     Apple Clove      Butterscotch Brulee      Cozy Christmas
     Apple Harvest      Cactus Blossom      Cranberry
     Apple Jack      Camphor      Cranberry Marmalade
     Apple Pie      Candy Cane      Cranberry Orange
     Apple Spice      Candy Corn      Cranberry Spice
     Apple Spice Cake      Cantaloupe      Cranberry Wood Spice
     Apple Strudel      Cappuccino      Cranilla
     Apples & Berries      Cappuccino Brulee      Creamsicle
     Apples & Oak      Caramel Apple      Creamy Cinnamon Chai
     Apples & Oranges      Caramel Corn      Creme Brulee
     Apricot      Carrot Cake      Creme de Cocoa
     Apricot Brandy      Cashmere Bouquet      Creme de Menthe
     Apricot Melon      Cedarwood      Cucumber
     Azalea      Cedarwood Vanilla      Cucumber & Cantaloupe
     Baby Lotion      Celery      Cucumber Melon
     Baby Powder      Chamomile      Cucumber Mint
     Bacon      Champagne      Cupcake
     Baked Apple Crisp      Chanel #5 Type      Cypress
     Baked Bread      Cherry Blossom      Daffodil
     Baked Cake      Cherry Clove Chutney      Daisy
     Baked Pie Crust      Cherry Cobbler      Dark Chocolate
     Balsam & Amber      Cherry Margarita      Day At The Spa
     Banana      Cherry Musk      Desert Sage
     Banana Creme Pie      Cherry Pie      Dewberry
     Banana Foster      Cherry Spice      Dogwood
     Banana Margarita      Cherry Tobacco      Dragon's Blood
     Banana Nut Bread      Cherry Vanilla      Drakkar Noir Type
     Banana Rum      China Rain      Dreamsicle
     Banana Spice      Chocolate Banana      Easter Lily
     Barber Shop      Chocolate Brownie      Eggnog
     Basil      Chocolate Cherry      Egyptian Musk
     Basil Nectarine      Chocolate Coconut      Emeraude Type
     Bayberry      Chocolate Fudge      English Lavender
     Bayberry Spice      Chocolate Marshmallow      English Toffee
     Beach Linen      Chocolate Mint      Espresso Latte
     Beachin      Chocolate Truffle      Eucalyptus
     Beautiful Type      Christmas Cookie      Evergreen
     Beer      Christmas Memories      Fern
     Begonia      Christmas Pine      Fig
     Bergamot      Christmas Splendor      Fir Balsam
     Bergamot Herbal Mint      Christmas Time      Fireside
     Birthday Cake      Christmas Wish      Flower Shoppe
     Black Cherry      Cinnaberry      Forbidden Fantasy Type
     Black Cherry Merlot      Cinnamon      Frangipani
     Black Currant      Cinnamon & Balsam      Frankincense
     Black Love      Cinnamon Bun      Frankincense & Myrrh
     Black Raspberry Vanilla      Cinnamon Cordial      Fraser Fir
     Black Rose      Cinnamon Pudding      Freesia
     Black Sea      Cinnamon Spice      French Vanilla
     Black Walnut      Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut      Fresh Balsam
     Blackberry      Cinnamon Toast      Fresh & Clean
     Blackberry Brandy      Citronella      Fresh Cut Grass
     Blackberry Mist      Citrus & Sage      Fresh Linen
     Blackberry Pie      Citrus & Teakwood      Fresh Strawberry
     Blackberry Sage      CK One Type      Frosted Berries
     Blood Orange      Clary Sage      Fruit Cocktail
     Blue Spruce      Clean Cotton Type      Fuzzy Navel
     Blueberry      Clove  
     Gardenia      Herbal Flowers      Key Lime Pie
     Georgia Peach      Herbal Hemp      Kiwi
     German Chocolate      Herbal Moss      Kiwi Banana
     Ginger      Hibiscus      Kiwi Mango
     Ginger Peach      Holiday Pear      Kiwi Melon
     Ginger Spice      Holiday Spice      Kiwi Pear
     Gingerbread      Hollyberry      Lavender
     Giorgio Type      Home Sweet Home      Lavender Sage
     Graham Cracker      Honey      Leather
     Grape      Honey Almond      Lemon
     Grapefruit      Honey Rose      Lemon Biscotti
     Grapefruit & Lily      Honeydew Melon      Lemon Chiffon
     Grapefruit Verbena      Honeysuckle      Lemon Lime
     Green Apple      Honeysuckle & Magnolia      Lemon Mint
     Green Tea      Hot Apple Pie      Lemon Poppyseed Cake
     Green Tea & Mint      Hot Cocoa      Lemon Pound Cake
     Guava      Huckleberry      Lemon Spice
     Guava Mango      Hyacinth      Lemon Verbena
     Happy Holidays      Hydrangea      Lemongrass
     Harvest Spice      Icy Mint      Lemongrass & Ginger
     Hawaiian Coconut      Iris      Licorice
     Hawaiian Ginger      Irish Creme      Lilac
     Hazelnut      Irish Creme Coffee      Lily of the Valley
     Hazelnut Coffee      Ivy & Cucumber      Lime
     Hazelnut Vanilla      Jamaica Me Crazy      Lotus Blossom
     Hearts & Flowers      Jasmine      Love Spell Type
     Heliotrope      Juniper Berry     
     Macintosh Apple      Night Before Christmas      Pink Sugar
     Madagascar Spice      Noel      Pizza
     Magnolia      Nutmeg      Pleasures Type
     Mambo Mango      Nutmeg & Creme      Plum
     Mandarin Orange      Oak Moss      Plum Pudding
     Mango      Oakmoss & Amber      Plum Spice
     Mango Melon Mint      Oatmeal Cookie      Plumberry
     Mango Papaya      Oatmeal, Milk & Honey      Plumeria
     Mango Peach      Old Time Christmas      Pomander
     Maple Brown Sugar      Orange      Pomegranate
     Maple Cashmere      Orange Blossom      Pomegranate Cider
     Maple Honey Bacon      Orange Chocolate      Pomegranate & Spice
     Maple Pecan      Orange Clove      Popcorn
     Maple Syrup      Orange Coconut      Poppy
     Margarita      Orange Cupcake      Potpourri
     Marijuana      Orange Sherbet      Pound Cake
     Marjoram      Orange Spice      Pralines & Cream
     Marshmallow      Orchid      Pumpkin
     Mediterranean Fig      Paco Rabanne Type      Pumpkin Caramel Latte
     Menthol      Papaya      Pumpkin Ginger Streusel
     Merlot Wine      Papaya Mango      Pumpkin Pie
     Mexican Cocoa      Passionate Kisses Type      Pumpkin Pie Spice
     Mid Summer's Night      Patchouli      Pumpkin Spice
     Milk Chocolate      Peach      Pumpkin Spice Cake
     Mimosa      Peach Blossom      Pure Seduction Type
     Mint Mojito      Peach Cobbler      Rain
     Minted Grapefruit      Peaches 'N' Cream      Rain Forest
     Mistletoe      Peanut Butter      Rain Shower
     Mocha Cappuccino      Peanut Butter Cookie      Rain Water
     Monkey Farts      Pear      Raspberry
     Moonlight Path Type      Pear Spice      Raspberry Musk
     Morning Dew      Pear Vanilla Tart      Raspberry Sangria
     Moroccan Spice      Pearberry      Raspberry Spice
     Mountain Spring Type      Pecan Pie      Red Apple
     Mulberry      Pennyroyal      Red Hot Cinnamon
     Mulberry Pie      Peony      Roasted Pine Cone
     Mulberry Twist      Peppermint      Romantic Wish Type
     Mulberry Wine      Peppermint Kiss      Root Beer
     Mulled Cider      Pikaki      Rose
     Muscadine Grape      Pina Colada      Rose Petal Cranberry
     Musk      Pine      Rosemary
     Myrtle      Pine Needles      Rosemary Mint
     Nag Champa      Pineapple      Rosewood
     Narcissus      Pineapple Jasmine      Rum
     New Car      Pink Grapefruit      Rum Raisin Cake
     New Mown Hay      Pink Sands      Russian Leather
     Sage      Sugar Cookie      Vanilla Blossoms
     Sagebrush      Sugar Plum      Vanilla Coconut
     Sandalwood      Sugared Pecans      Vanilla Lace Type
     Sassafras      Sugared Spruce      Vanilla Lavender
     Satin Sheets      Sun Baked Spice      Vanilla Mint
     Sea Breeze      Sun Ripened Raspberry      Vanilla Musk
     Seashore      Sunflower      Vanilla Pumpkin Pie
     Sex on the Beach      Sweet Passion Fruit      Vanilla Spice
     Sleigh Bells      Sweet Pea      Vanilla Walnut
     Smoke Deodorant      Sweet Potato Pie      Very Sexy For Her Type
     Snickerdoodle      Sweet Snow      Vetiver
     Sour Apple      Tabu Type      Violet
     Spearmint      Tangerine      Warm Apple Cobbler
     Spice Mix      Tea Rose      Warm Vanilla Sugar
     Spiced Mulberry      Tea Tree      Watermelon
     Spiced Rum      Teaberry      Watermelon Margarita
     Spring Bouquet      Thyme      White Diamonds Type
     Spring Rain      Tobacco      White Lily & Diamonds
     Spruce      Tobacco Rose      Wild Cherry
     Storm Watch Type      Tom Ford Oud Type      Wild Flowers
     Strawberries & Champagne      Tomato Leaf      Wild Pansies
     Strawberries & Creme      Tommy Girl Type      Wild Strawberry
     Strawberry Banana      Tommy Type      Winter Spice
     Strawberry Cheesecake      Tropical Breeze      Wintergreen
     Strawberry Jam      Tropical Fruit      Wisteria
     Strawberry Kiwi      Tropical Nectar      Woodburning Fireplace
     Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet      Tuberose      Yellow Rose
     Strawberry Margarita      Tulip      Ylang Ylang
     Strawberry Musk      Tutti Fruitti      Youth Dew Type
     Strawberry Shortcake      Twilight Woods      Zucchini Bread
     Strawberry Spice      Vanilla  
     Sugar Cane & Vanilla      Vanilla Bean  

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