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Reddig-Glo Color Chips - 4 Oz. - Product Image
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Reddig-Glo Color Chips - 4 Oz.

In addition to the dye color blocks and liquid candle coloring we also offer the diamond shaped Reddig-glo color chips. Each chip is capable of coloring at least one pound of wax (or more if a lighter shade is desired). The addition of wax additives such as Sno-Wax, Luster Crystals, Stearic Acid or Vybar will cause the colors to lighten. Chips are packaged in 10's, 20's, 50's and 4 oz (containing about 130-135 chips).

Colors marked with "(p)" are pigments and are fluorescent (will glow under a black light). Pigments are less susceptible to fading and "bleeding". They do not actually dissolve in wax but rather become suspended in wax. Therefore, when using these colors, the wax must be stirred well and any color particles not in suspension should not be poured into mold.

SKU Number: Reddig Chip 4oz
Price:   $9.98 

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